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How To Be An Effective Team Leader

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Communicate, Communicate

If you have a problem with someone on your team, talk to them about it. Letting bad feelings brew will only make you sour and want to isolate yourself from the group. Not only does it feel good to get it out; it will be better for the team in the long run.

Don’t Blame Others

People on your team loose respect for you if you’re constantly blaming others for not meeting deadlines. Your not fooling anyone. People know who isn’t pulling weight in the group. Pointing the finger will only make you look cowardly. Group members understand if you have a heavy workload and are not able to meet deadlines. Saying something like, “I’m really sorry, but I’ll get it to you by the end of today.” will earn you a lot more respect than trying to make it seem like it’s everyone else’s fault that you missed your deadline.

Support Team Members Ideas

If a teammate suggests something, always consider it – even if it’s the silliest idea you’ve ever heard! Considering the team’s ideas show that your interested in other people’s ideas and not just your own. This makes you a good team member. After all, now one likes a know-it-all.

Listen Actively

Look at the person who is speaking to you, nod, ask probing questions and acknowledge what’s said by paraphrasing points that have been made. If you’re unclear about something that has been said, ask for more information to clear up any confusion before moving on.

Effective communication is a vital part of any team and the value of good listening skills shouldn’t be underestimated.

Get Involved

Share suggestions, ideas, solutions and proposals with your team members. Take time to help your fellow teammates no matter what the request is. You can guarantee there will be a time in the future when you’ll need someone’s help or advise, and, if you’ve helped them in the past, they’ll be more than happy top lend a helping hand.