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Effective Communication Skills

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

According to a study carried out by linguists, words constitute 7% of the effective communication skills. Other elements of effective communication techniques like body language, facial expressions, oration skills and confidence constitutes 93% of effective communication skills.
Let the Other Party Speak First
Let others make their point first and come up with issues that they think are necessary in order to solve the problem. If you don’t let the other party speak first, you may miss an important point. Besides, the other party may think you are not considerate about their viewpoint and this can turn the communication to a wrong track. Don’t interrupt the person in between and start your own stream of arguments. Be it business or personal relationship communication, let the other party speak first. You will get your chance to speak!
Listening is an Art
Listening is a essential part of every sphere of communication. If you are not listening to their views (remember “Listening” not just “Hearing”) you may be wasting your time and also hampering a good relationship. Listen to the arguments and points put forward by the other person and then leave some to think. If you can develop the ability to listen well, it’s like mastering a skill that will pay you rich dividends in the longer term of your career. Effective listening is of utmost importance.
Reach a Decision
Instead of beating about the bush and just trying to play the blame game, try to reach a decision. Present your concerns and feelings about the issue and then ask the person what are the common things on which we take a common stand. It is better to finish the issue once instead of carrying the burden of it into the future.